Why Evolution Is True

Well, movie critic Roger Ebert has spoken: in an essay on his Journal at The Chicago Sun-Times, he’s just compiled a list of his ten greatest films of all time, regardless of era, language, or anything else.  As he says when justifying his choices (do read the piece), “Once any film has ever appeared on my S&S list, I consider it canonized.”

Below are Ebert’s selections; this year he bumped “Dekalog” to keep the list at ten, and made the hideous mistake of replacing it with a film I consider dreadful: “The Tree of Life,” which I reviewed last November and found a pretentious, ponderous, and pointless waste of time.  I cannot reconcile how bad I consider this film with how highly it’s been rated by many critics, including Ebert.  This goes to show (take that, Nick Matzke) that there are no objectively great films. Anyway, here’s Ebert’s…

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